Resources and contact information for electric, water, sewer, natural gas, and telecommunications service providers in Starkville and Oktibbeha County


Electricity in Starkville and Oktibbeha County is supplied by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and distributed locally by Starkville Electric and 4 County Electric Power Association.  TVA has several economic development incentive programs for industrial customers. A list of these programs is available on the NMIDA website.

Supplier: Tennessee Valley Authority

  • 161 KV delivery
  • Two 500 KV substations within 15 air miles
  • 161 KV transmission line, 4 miles

City of Starkville

Distributor: Starkville Electric Department

  • 12.47 KV – three phase
  • 7.2 KV single-phase
  • One 161 KV – 69 KV primary substation
  • Two 69 KV – 12.47 KV substations loop-fed

Oktibbeha County

Distributor: 4 County Electric Power Association

  • 12.47 KV – three phase
  • 7.2 KV single-phase
  • 3-161 KV – 12.47 KV substations

Industrial Rates


Supplier: Starkville Water Department, 662-323-3505

  • Source: deep well
  • Plant capacity: 5,760,000 GPD
  • Average daily use: 2,600,000 GPD
  • Peak consumption: 4,100,000 GPD
  • Storage capacity: 2,500,000 Gal.


  • When City Provides both Water and Sewer Service.
    • $7.50 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of consumption.
  • Water Service Only, Including Irrigation Meters
    • $4.00 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of consumption.


Provider: Starkville Water Department, 662-323-3505

  • Treatment type: activated sludge
  • Capacity: 5,000,000 GPD
  • Present load: 4,000,000 GPD


  • When City is also Providing the Water Service
    • $2.15/1000 gallons of potable water consumption.
  • Sewer Only (Potable Water by Others) 
    • $4.00 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of potable water
    • consumption.

Natural Gas

Supplier:  Southern Natural Gas Company

Distributor: Atmos Energy

  • Maximum allowable operating pressure: 60 psi

Sample Net Monthly Rate

NOTE: These costs are provided for planning/comparison only. Certain Rider Schedules and/or Adjustments may reduce or increase the Net Monthly Rate. An individual case study with Mississippi Valley Gas is required for proper rate for each case. Rate Schedule 307 (3rd Revised – Intermediate Volume Service). Rates are among the lowest manufacturing rates in the nation.

  • Demand Charge: $3.77/Mcf of contracted demand
  • Commodity Charge: $200.00 – first 10 Mcf
  • Monthly Minimum: $200 plus contract demand charge

Small Business Incentives

Atmos Energy offers a reduction in customer charge and distribution charge for small businesses. Learn more at the Mississippi Public Service Commission website.


Telecomunications-based companies will find state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding service and support from AT&T which offers economic development rate incentives to businesses that locate or expand in the state.

Specifically, the area has:

  • Switching systems which are 1000% stored program controlled and completely digital
  • A fiber optic network
  • AT&T POP (Point of Presence)
  • An integrated service digital network (ISDN)
  • Connections to all major long distant carriers

The area is also serviced by two self-healing, Sonet based fiber optic rings for reliability and back-up. The equipment and services are constantly updated.

Internet Services

Local internet service providers offer high speed digital access including dedicated T-1, frame-relay, ISDN, and wireless connection, as well as dial-up service at very reasonable rates. Expert technical support is readily available.