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‘Building a Vibrant Community’ Podcast available from MSU Extension

MSU Extension’s “Building a Vibrant Community” is available at Launched this spring, Season One focuses on local food systems and the farm-to-table movement. Current content is organized around the theme “Seven Ways to Quickly Grow Your Food Business,” also the title of an online course available through MSU Extension.

The series is co-hosted by Rachael Carter, instructor with MSU Extension’s Center for Government and Community Development, James Barnes, associate extension professor in MSU’s Department of Agricultural Economics, and Lauren-Colby Nickels, instructor with MSU Extension’s Center for Technology Outreach.

Among recent podcast episodes, Starkville entrepreneur, chamber member, and owner of Proof bakery Robbie Coblentz discusses “How to Make a Food Business from Scratch,” during which he describes starting a food business, along with the challenges and keys to growth. The podcast also offers additional episodes geared towards helping small businesses. The production is entirely produced by our friends at MSU Extension.

For the full article from MSU, click here. In addition to accessing the podcast via the website, listeners also can find it on iTunes or Google Podcasts or subscribe to an RSS Feed.