Starkville Stride

Whever you can move!

THE STARKVILLE STRIDE CHALLENGE Grab some friends and create a team to compete in this year’s inaugural Starkville Stride Challenge! Teams will compete to win a trophy while individuals on...


Power-Up Class

J.L. King Center 700 N. Long St., Starkville

Friends of J.L. King and Starkville Utilities are partnering to create a program to help residents save money on their utility bills. The program, "Power-Up," aims to educate Starkville residents who may be struggling to pay their bills during the coronavirus pandemic. Power-Up offers a class on how participants can lower the cost of utility...

Charcuterie Board Workshop

The Idea Shop 114 E Main St, Starkville

The MSU Idea Shop is hosting a Charcuterie Board Workshop. Participants will learn how to use wood shop tools to mill raw cherry boards into beautiful charcuterie boards with handles and feet!