Starkville Stride

Whever you can move!

THE STARKVILLE STRIDE CHALLENGE Grab some friends and create a team to compete in this year’s inaugural Starkville Stride Challenge! Teams will compete to win a trophy while individuals on...


Wine Tasting with Bobbie Burgess

The Gallery at Dunkington 109 South Lafayette Starkville, Starkville

Bobbie Burgess, also known as our local Pinup Sommelier, will be at Dunkington on April 28 to host a wine tasting event for Starkville Strong. Tickets are $25 and include tasting four wines chosen by Bobbie for the wine flight, education on the wines and snacks. Where: Dunkington 109 South Lafayette Starkville When: Wednesday, April...


Power-Up Class

J.L. King Center 700 N. Long St., Starkville

Friends of J.L. King and Starkville Utilities are partnering to create a program to help residents save money on their utility bills. The program, "Power-Up," aims to educate Starkville residents who may be struggling to pay their bills during the coronavirus pandemic. Power-Up offers a class on how participants can lower the cost of utility...