Cost of Living

Housing costs, taxes, and expenditures in Starkville are generally lower than the national average, allowing your dollars to go further.

  • Cost of living index is 86, approximately 14% lower than the national average (Yahoo! Real Estate, 2010)
  • Average annual household expenditures are $41,036 (
  • Median household income is $29,235 (
  • Average home price is $194,901 (Coldwell Banker, 2016)

Download the 2010 Consumer Expenditures Report for Starkville, MS

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Taxes and Millage Rates for Starkville and Oktibbeha County

County and City Taxes

  • Owner-occupied residential property: 10%
  • Motor vehicles and utilities: 30%

Business Taxes

  • Personal property: 15%
  • Motor vehicles and utilities: 30%
  • Industrial and commercial property: 15%

Sales Tax

  • 7% state sales tax

Millage rates