Housing Market

With a low cost of living, the Starkville housing market is advantageous to buyers. Offering both newly constructed modern homes and beautiful historic Victorian houses in diverse neighborhoods, there are homes to suit all tastes. Whether you are renting or buying, your money goes a long way.

The Starkville Housing Market

  • House prices range from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Average Selling Price is $194,901 (Coldwell Banker, 2016)
  • Average number of days to sell a home is 113 (Coldwell Banker, 2016)
  • Median value is $232,718 (2014, ESRI)
  • Average home value is $275,150 (2014, ESRI)
  • City has 12,468 dwellings; 11,400 are occupied (2014, ESRI)
  • 173 new single-family residences were built over the last three years (2008-2010)
  • Download the Starkville Housing Profile (PDF; 2014, ESRI)

Residential Sales Graphs 2003-2014


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The Starkville Rental Property Market

  • Variety of rentals are available
  • Average rent ranges from $475 to $750 per month
  • Area has over 30 apartment complexes
  • 30 multi-family homes (111 units) were built over the last three years (2008-2010)