Live In Starkville


If you’re looking for just the right place to enjoy your retirement years, you’re not likely to find anywhere as pleasant and affordable as Starkville, Mississippi. Because of the university presence, there is a congenial blending of ages, with each age group contributing its own kind of energy. The people here are welcoming, friendly, and committed to their community.

That commitment has led to advantages you won’t find in many other communities the size of Starkville. As a college town, it maintains a nice balance between town and gown, offering all the advantages of a vibrant business community, attractive residential neighborhoods, and the many sporting events, concerts, plays, museums, and galleries of Mississippi State University.

Low Cost of Living

  • Average home price of $118,900
  • Low property taxes, with a substantial exemption for those over 65
  • 2009 Cost of Living Index 87.7, compared to the United States 100.0
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Safe, Friendly Community with a Moderate Climate

  • Low crime rate, about 60% of the national average
  • Warm climate with short winters
  • Warm, welcoming community
  • Active community of seniors
  • An increasingly walkable and bikeable community

Quality Health Care

  • Oktibbeha County Hospital (OCH) is located in Starkville
  • OCH offers care in 11 medical specialties including urology and pulmonology
  • OCH additional medical services include diabetes management, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, pain management, and more
  • OCH wellness center has special programs for older adults
  • Seven assisted living and nursing home facilities
  • Six home health care, assistance, and hospice service providers
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Abundant Recreational Opportunities

  • SEC collegiate sporting events plus local school competitions
  • Theatrical and musical performances, festivals, and craft shows
  • High-quality indoor and outdoor fitness and sports facilities
  • A wide range of shopping opportunities and restaurants
  • Nearby state and federal parks and refuges
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Continuing Education and Community Interaction

  • Missisippi State University’s Personal Enrichment Courses
  • OCH and OCH Wellness Center classes including CPR certification
  • Starkville Senior Enrichment Center classes and activities
  • Variety of civic organizations including Rotary, Starkville Area Arts Council, Starkville Reads, Lions Club, and more
  • Clubs for every hobby including bridge, knitting, and square dancing
  • Active church community

Easy Transportation in Town and Out of Town

  • Golden Triangle Regional Airport is a 20-minute drive from Starkville
  • Service by two taxi companies is available
  • GTPDD offers free transportation to medical appointments for seniors
  • Four-lane highway and Interstate access to major cities of Birmingham, Memphis, and New Orleans
  • MSU offers shuttle services during SEC sporting events

Welcoming, Affordable, and Safe

Life in Starkville proceeds at a comfortable pace, but there’s always plenty to do. You might enjoy golf or an art class in the morning, a luncheon at one of the many good restaurants, and a play or concert in the evening.

Set in the rolling hills of northeastern Mississippi, Starkville enjoys a warm, four-season climate with brief, mild winters and long, comfortable springs and falls. Outdoor exercise is a good option nearly year round, made convenient by walkable neighborhoods, bike paths, parks, golf courses, and lakes.

If you need to watch your pennies, Starkville is a safe bet. Housing prices are reasonable and taxes are low. After you reach age 65, your property taxes will become even lower because of a special homestead exemption that deducts $75,000 from the assessed valuation of your home.

The crime rate in Starkville is low, running about 60 percent of the national average. The rate of violent crimes is especially low. You can feel safe both about yourself and your property.

Excellent Health Care Options

Affordable, high quality health care is available in Starkville and the surrounding areas. Oktibbeha County Hospital (OCH) Regional Medical Center, located in Starkville, meets the majority of the community’s medical needs, including competent, rapid response in emergency situations.

The OCH HealthPlex brings together the services of cardiac rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation units with the Wellness Connection, where community members of all ages participate in exercise programs designed to build and sustain fitness. Many classes are offered, including some specially tailored to help older adults cope with conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

More advanced treatment capabilities are available at world-renowned medical facilities nearby, including the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and the UAB-Birmingham Health System.

Close to Major Cities with Quick and Easy Access to Transportation

Once you retire to Starkville, you may never want to leave. But if you do find the need to travel, Starkville has convenient access to three large cities by four-lane and Interstate highway. You can drive to Memphis or Birmingham in under 3 hours and to New Orleans in 5. If you prefer to fly, it’s a 20-minute drive to the Golden Triangle Regional Airport, where you can fly to major hubs for continuation flights to your destination.

A Certified Retirement City

Starkville is designated a Certified Retirement City by Mississippi’s Hometown Retirement Program. To achieve that designation, a city must be able to demonstrate that it offers the features most sought by retirees:

Because Starkville has received this certification, you can be assured it offers all of the above and more.