Jameson Rodgers at Rick’s Cafe

"You kind of know if it's your song or not, after you write it," says singer-songwriter Jameson Rodgers, explaining the strange, mystical process by which new tunes are brought into the world and find their intended performer. It's the same kind of self-assurance the soft-spoken Rodgers displays … [Read more...]

U.S at Rick’s Cafe

The Ultimate 80's Party Band! … [Read more...]

Neutral Snap at Rick’s Cafe

Neutral Snap is an up-and-coming 4-piece from New Orleans whose sound is best described as ‘pop-punk.’ The fusion of musical styles & songwriting influences belonging to J.P Brown (Guitar), Joshua Latham (Vocals), Dominick Conforte (Bass) & Ray-Ray Boudreaux (Drums) is on full display at all … [Read more...]

Jason Miller Band at Rick’s Cafe

In the summer of 2012, Jason Miller began his search for musicians to join together on his new musical venture. Little did he know that when he found this group of men, from all over the state of Mississippi, that they would form not only a band, but also, a brotherhood. For most of his life, … [Read more...]

Mitchell Tenpenny & Seaforth at Rick’s Cafe

“I wanted to tell a bunch of different stories on this album, but they all had to be authentic and believable to me,” says Mitchell Tenpenny. “What I was feeling at the time, where I was in my head, what’s going on in the world, it all contributed to the end product. The songs that made it were the … [Read more...]

Paxton Peay at Rick’s Cafe

Paxton Peay returns to Rick's Cafe … [Read more...]