Jameson Rodgers at Rick’s Cafe

"You kind of know if it's your song or not, after you write it," says singer-songwriter Jameson Rodgers, explaining the strange, mystical process by which new tunes are brought into the world and find their intended performer. It's the same kind of self-assurance the soft-spoken Rodgers displays … [Read more...]

U.S at Rick’s Cafe

The Ultimate 80's Party Band! … [Read more...]

Neutral Snap at Rick’s Cafe

Neutral Snap is an up-and-coming 4-piece from New Orleans whose sound is best described as ‘pop-punk.’ The fusion of musical styles & songwriting influences belonging to J.P Brown (Guitar), Joshua Latham (Vocals), Dominick Conforte (Bass) & Ray-Ray Boudreaux (Drums) is on full display at all … [Read more...]