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Offering Modern Classics in the Heart of Main Street

What started out as a pop-up shop has now found its brick-and-mortar home on beautiful Main Street. Located in the heart of Starkville, George-Mary’s offers a variety of apparel, accessories, and home items in an atmosphere that customers truly love.

Store front of George-Mary

Owner Alesia Lucas graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design and a minor in Business Administration. Lucas explains that “opening a shop where I could bring apparel and home items with a modern twist was always something I had wanted to do.”

When deciding on a name for her business, she knew that she wanted the name to be “something timeless, unique, [and] personal.” The name was inspired by her grandparents.

Her grandmother, Mary, sewed her own clothes, which is where Lucas developed her love for the craft as well as her appreciation for beautiful fabrics. Because her grandfather, George, had a penchant for hats, Lucas often features them in her photos.

Owner of George Mary's, Alesia Lucas and her family

Owner of George Mary’s, Alesia Lucas and her family

Community Connections

Lucas loves the Starkville community because it blends small-town comfort with the excitement of a college town.  She believes in the importance of giving back to the community, and she does this by hosting local vendors, supporting the local chapter of Junior Auxiliary, and making donations to local groups. Lucas is always looking for opportunities to be even more involved in the Starkville community.

Minimalist Nature with Modern Refinement

Lucas’s love of art and fashion is apparent to loyal local customers and out-of-town visitors alike. George-Mary’s, as Lucas states, “[continues to grow] organically.” Her goal is to carry on the vision she started and to continue to evolve. Part of this vision includes selling many home goods and candle brands that are handmade, Mississippi made, or made in the USA.

Lucas’s personal favorite item in the store is the P.F. Candle Amber and Moss, a hand-poured soy candle. Come in George-Mary’s and check out other home-good selections including soaps, wooden spoons, mugs, and snack bowls.

Clothing at George-Mary’s is best described as minimalistic with a touch of natural. The style is modern and refined. Many items are high-end casual cottons or linens that are statement pieces with a casual vibe. The pieces are great for dressing up and layering and are essential to any wardrobe.

Customers also love the traditional design of the clothing because it will never go out of style. Lucas says that George-Mary’s is “for those who love modern classic style, but also are always looking for that which is new and different.” George-Mary’s offers simple, classic jewelry pieces, such as its signature micro-alphabet necklace and earrings by local artisans. Other popular items include bags, sunglasses, and hair accessories.

Lucas loves the local Starkville community. She also knows that the world is changing at a fast pace, so she is planning to become more user friendly to the online community as well. She appreciates all who love and support small businesses like George-Mary’s.

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